Sending samples to SIREAL for analysis has two parts:

  1. Preparing the samples for shipment
  2. Preparing and emailing the sample submission worksheet.

Prepare and Ship

Instructions for preparing samples for analysis are at the individual pages for each analysis type:

Bioapatites (e.g. tooth enamel)
Organic materials

Once prepared, samples may be boxed up and shipped to:

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Rochester
ATTN: Penny Higgins
227 Hutchison Hall
Rochester, NY 14627-0221

This is the main office of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and they can accept shipments from any of the major couriers.

Sample Submission Sheets

SIREAL utilizes LIMS for light stable isotopes and LIMS for lasers, developed by Ty Coplen at the United States Geological Survey laboratory in Reston, Virginia.

LIMS assigns unique lab numbers (called LIMS IDs) to each of your samples. You, the customer, must fill out the Excel-based Sample Submission Sheet listing your samples so we can import your samples into our LIMS and use the LIMS IDs. This is done to prevent accidentally having two different samples with the same sample name and also protects us from misspelling your sample numbers.

The Sample Submission Sheet may be downloaded here

The most important things for you to fill out are the spaces colored red:

Cell B1: Your last (family) name
Cell B2: Your first (given) name
Cell B15: The date that you filled out the form (mm/dd/yy)
Cell B20: Numeric media code – a code based on the kind of samples you’re submitting. See the second tab (labeled ‘Media’) to find the code that best fits your samples.
Cell B25 and going down: This is where you enter your sample names. All of them.

Only one medium per sample submission sheet. E.g., if you are submitting waters and carbonates, you will send two sheets.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Penny Higgins at pennilyn [dot] higgins [at] rochester [dot] edu.